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Southern Lady has been manufacturing high-end bedding since 1914. Our fine products are found in resorts, boutique hotels, timeshare, and retail dealer outlets across the southeast.

Sleep peacefully

Southern Lady has been hand-crafting high-end mattresses since 1914. Our fine products are found in resorts, boutique hotels, timeshare, and retail dealer outlets across the southeast.

Awake refreshed

Southern Lady has been manufacturing high-end bedding since 1914. Our fine products are found in resorts, boutique hotels, timeshare, and retail dealer outlets across the southeast.

About Us

Hand Crafted in the USA with locally

sourced materials.

Southern Lady has been handcrafting high-quality mattresses since 1914.  Our products are found in resorts, boutique hotels, timeshares, and exclusive retailers. 

Since 1914, our family has been manufacturing mattresses and boxsprings in Charleston, SC.  Southern Lady Mattress began on Anson Street, moved to Meeting Street in the 1970s, and in 2000 moved into our 60,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in North Charleston, South Carolina.  Proudly manufacturing quality mattresses and box springs for mattresses, and ​​ remain committed to sustainable and responsible business practices through eco-friendly products and components, efficient operations, and recycling initiatives. 

Now in its fourth generation, our company remains not only family-owned and operated, but we have created a family with our employees and customers in the retailers, boutique hotels, resorts, and the healthcare industry,  many of them have been with us for over 30 years.  

We have grown over the years, but still, hold true to our roots and family values.  We look forward to meeting you soon and invite you to join our Southern Lady family. 


Our Retail Partners

Southern Lady Mattress is a wholesale manufacturer. We sell our Southern Lady hand-made luxury mattresses through a loyal dealer network.

South Carolina

North Carolina


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell directly to consumers?

We sell our commercial products directly to the hospitality, health care, and other commercial establishments that require truckload quantities, such as campgrounds, church retreats, boat and truck manufacturers, etc.

We do not sell directly to consumers within shipping distance of our dealer network. We do sell our Boutique Series lineup through our dealer network or direct to consumers if outside of our dealer network delivery area.

What is your dealer network delivery area?

Send us an email with your zip code, and one of our professionals will respond if you are within or outside.

What makes Southern Lady mattresses special?

Where to start?!? We’ve been making mattresses, by hand, for over a hundred years, and we’re pretty dang good at it! We still make many options of flippable mattresses, for longer life, plus mattresses with latex, gel memory foams,hybrids, you name it.

Should I purchase a mattress online?

Many consumers are purchasing online; some with a 100 night guarantee. Be careful though; many companies mandate that you sleep on their mattress for a minimum of 100 nights. We recommend visiting a local dealer or purchasing a model you have slept on – such as one in one of our hotel customers.

Should I buy a No Flip mattress?

We make many models of No Flip mattresses, and we make some really good ones. A EuroTop mattress, for example, is designed to be No Flip. Suffice it to say though that you will normally get longer life out of a mattress you can flip over. Think of it like the tires on your car…if you never rotate your tires, you will not get nearly the life out of them that you will if you do rotate them. A no flip is a can’t flip, don’t.

When should I flip my mattress?

For the best life of your mattress, we recommend you flip or rotate it every 3 months, or as often as you can. Many people choose to associate flipping the mattress with something they do every month, like paying the power bill.

Do you deliver?

Yes, wholesale only. We deliver all over SC, NC and GA regularly, and deliver in truckload quantities up and down the east coast. We also offer professional commercial installation for large quantity purchases.


We continue to receive requests from guests as to where we received our mattresses. because they are redecorating and want to put the same mattress as we have.

—Gary Cohen, The Abernathy, Clemson’s Premier Hotel


I have had the pleasure of offering Southern Lady products to my homeowners for over 10 years. I do so with great confidence in their fine workmanship, superb customer service, and fair and honest pricing.

—Sandra Alltop, Director of Owner Service, Ocean Annie’s Resorts

Why Southern Lady


Choose the quality, hand-made mattresses for rest and relaxation. 


Southern Lady Bedding has been providing quality mattresses since 1914. Satisfaction will always be our guarantee.


We deliver our luxury boutique inn mattresses to your hotel or inn. Southern Lady Bedding delivers.